There is a new entry in the bathroom of the Happy House: two super-practical wooden shelves that finally solve the problem of organizing my various creams and jars.

In fact, the bathroom is not a very large room and we don’t have much space available for storage here the complete tour a few years ago, almost nothing has changed since then!

So I decided to take up the idea already used at the Milky way Lab { you see it here }, that is, to hang one upside down so you can add hooks and place them near the mirror. For a moment I also thought of painting everything, but I really like this birch color, so for the moment, everything will remain so.

The final touch, because there is no limit to madness: since I didn’t like seeing the plastic bottles all different and with horrible colors, I bought small glass bottles and I transferred everything. Much better!


Like any other room in a house, the bathroom should reflect the owner’s personality and ideally be a peaceful and tranquil space, where you can start the day with energy and finish it relaxed and pampered.

Following this idea, I decorated my bathroom, which I realized had never shown in detail until now.

When we moved, this environment was the one that needed the least attention in terms of “heavy” jobs: decent tiles (nothing special, but at least simple colors, white on the wall and blue for the floor) and almost new sanitary ware. The decoration was a walk: a couple of cabinets hanging on the wall for beauty and hygiene products, a new mirror, some colors here and there to cheer up and plants.

Recently I made a new addition: pink polka dots on the wall!

What do you think? And how did you decorate your bathroom?