What’s better than some Scandinavian-style home shopping?

Scandinavian style home shopping LOW COST!

As I mentioned in the post dedicated to the 10 best shops in Copenhagen, Søstrene Grene is the perfect place for this type of activity…

With today’s post, I want to show you what I bought during my numerous raids 😉

I am proud to be back from my trip to Denmark with still a lot of money in the bill … It wasn’t so obvious! : P

Already the fact of having started with a piece of extra baggage in the hold did not herald anything good and above all denoted a certain premeditation. So much so that – as expected – I returned home with a rich booty of accessories for the AK, some useful how beautiful and others just beautiful (ehehehe).

Like these candle holders, one of which (the central one) unearthed at a local market … There are never enough candle holders, don’t you think?

I like the fact that they are all different from each other but when approached they seem born to be together:

For the kitchen instead I took a dishwashing brush and a coral-colored dish towel. Even if these are not enough, and the fact that they are useful make me feel much less guilty;)

The carpet we had before on the terrace was not easily washable (the linden trees in front of the house do not forgive) so I decided to remove it permanently to avoid thought.

When I saw this plastic mini-mat from Søstrene Grene (very easy to clean) I couldn’t resist it!

A terracotta color mug to keep the Design Letters cups company.

Why? Because yes.

In the future it could become the perfect vase for a small succulent plant, now it merely acts as a spoon holder on the kitchen shelf;)

When I saw this vase with the “grid” pattern in the store shelves, I thought it was bound to come home with us. Now it’s my favorite and welcomes the last peonies of the season;)

And to round off a decoration/garland in paper that reminds me of a home tour that I had fallen in love long ago.

I placed it at the side of the front door and it puts me in a good mood just looking at it:

So what do you think of my purchases? 🙂