Ideas for furnishing the bathroom

Sometimes I can go through my blog: I miss a lot at certain times but in this period I don’t have much time to dedicate to him. One of the reasons is certainly the work and my toilet comparisons: finally, I’m about to finish the renovation of the apartment I told you about. The bathroom that most involved me was the bathroom: those who follow me on Facebook and Instagram have already seen the various stages of transformation thanks to the photographs taken with the i-phone in the pipeline, and I promise that even on the blog I will post the photos when the work is finished.

I am very satisfied with the result, even if the difficulties were not lacking, due to the superficiality and the scarce attention of the company. My client and I have had to fight against dullness and male-dominated rubber wall… but let’s fly over, here I like to relax 🙂 In these months, to inspire myself, I have collected many suggestive images that I would like to show you: in some there, they are details that I like and others less, but looking carefully are interesting solutions.

Top my favorite bathroom, the right mix of simplicity and elegance. Below, a fresh and original solution, thanks to the mirror, important but lightened by the white patina, and the white-painted wooden planks that also cover the tub.

I appreciate the retro style hexagonal tiles of the bathroom and the very chic shower curtain. In the bathroom at the bottom, the effect is played on contrasts: the cement floor and the rough wood covering of the tub against the cabriolet armchair covered in velvet and the precious marble of the washbasins.

Below, a solution that I really like: an old recovery chest becomes unusual support for the washbasin.

Here’s how to create a pretty bathroom in an attic: notice the boiserie behind the vase that hides and houses the cassette for unloading. Below an example of elegance and refinement: more than a bathroom, it looks like a living room!

In this bathroom there is also space for the wardrobe: don’t you think it’s comfortable? Unfortunately, most of the time-space is not enough but the idea seems to be very original. Finally, a rather peculiar bathroom with a few notes above the lines, but I don’t mind the idea of ​​the bathtub in the niche with the curtain surmounted by a cymatium.