The Happy House is a beautiful house {I see it with the eyes of love!} But it has only one flaw: it is not self-cleaning!

When I publish photos, the question I get most often is ” how do you get a house so neat and clean with two small children?” “. Here, I tell you a secret: POLITICO.

I’m not a cleaning fanatic, I admit, let’s say I have my “limit” {I don’t know if high or low, it’s very personal}.

So when companies contact me and offer me solutions that save me time, I’m super happy!

Yes, I have taken this “Nordic turn” since I live in the Netherlands: if I have to choose between spending time with my family or staying at home to clean there is no doubt, I already have shoes and I’m ready to enter!

I am therefore very happy to find practical and time-saving solutions. One of these solutions is Moppy from Polti, a floor cleaner that eliminates the bucket and detergents.

Moppy is composed of two parts: a charging base to vaporize and sanitize the cloth and a super light wireless mop.

The cloth rests on the base and is soaked with steam, in this way it washes and sanitizes all types of floors and vertical surfaces {it removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria without the use of detergents}. I use it quietly on my wooden floor, but also on the bathroom tiles, on the shower panes and on the laminate of the bedrooms.

And I also pass it on the carpets!

For me, the greatest comfort lies in the fact that I no longer have to walk around the house with the bucket of water that inevitably is already dirty after a couple of passes.

The floors dry out really quickly and every time the cloth is placed on the steam base it is automatically sanitized and prepared for the next pass. All in about 10 seconds!

For me, it’s super approved!

Thanks to Polti for making the cleaning time more practical and faster.

This post is written in collaboration with Polti, opinions are personal and not conditioned by the brand that supplied only the product. I only promote what I like and what you might like.