Need a nice stool?


Strange life, that of polyurethane.

Commonly called a plastic material, it is actually an extremely versatile polymer that allows multiple uses. From paints to steering wheels, through soles, toys and athletics tracks: all polyurethane!

Of course – you’ll tell me – all stuff definitely not very pretty and even less of design, right?

And it is here that I play the name of Gemelli, a Venetian company with twenty years of experience in the world of plastics: it has in fact been able to find the way to make even a material that is so little considered noble and trendy, thanks to a particular farsightedness and the involvement of designers International.

I discovered the Vinod Nude stool. Because he now is in the bathroom of my house. Perfect.

It seems born to stand next to the black-gray-white mosaic I chose at the time, perfect as a support for the legendary Brionvega radio cube.

The stool has a rigid painted seat, which can be combined with two types of legs (in varnished beech or in soft polyurethane). It is available in five colors: white, light gray, shadow gray, taupe and black. And mine is shadow gray!

And now, I’ll tell you a secret.

At home, I’m not the only one to adore him …