New bathroom furniture collections by EX-T

The new bathroom furniture collections of EX-T, an award-winning Italian brand on the market since 1945, are an epitome of class and elegance. In a nutshell: they are beautiful.

After seeing them with my own eyes in the new showroom in Via Tortona 34, I couldn’t wait to share them with you. Are you ready to redo your eyes?

Let’s start with the 2019 novelty, already presented at M&O. Designed by the female duo Paola Vella and Ellen Bernhardt, the Nouveau collection is a poetic dialogue of classic forms such as the circle, the semicircle, and the parallelepiped. The Art Deco inspiration is evident, in the refined details and in the elegance of the lines. In addition to the sinks, the containers, mirrors and the latest accessories are part of the collection. Another new feature: the LivingTecĀ® washbasin is now also available in powder pink.

Among the innovations of the MDW 2018 was the Arco multifunctional system, signed by the Spanish firm Mut. Given the worldwide success, this year Arco is rightly among the new bathroom furniture collections, with three new features. Arco S, elegant circular console that conceals practical storage shelves in the back, Arco Mirror and Arco S Mirror. The two mirrors can be used individually or combined together, thanks to the different depths.

Let’s move on to Stand, the iconic collection of the brand since 2015, which is enriched with two mirrors, one round and one oval. Geometric purity, soft minimalism, attention to detail, summarize the stylistic signature of the Danish firm Norm Architects.

Another jewel, the Ribbon Square collection, the new line from the Ribbon collection, launched in Milan last year. The designer Sebastian Herkner, named best designer 2019 at M&O, delights us with the small suspended washbasin, perfect for small spaces.

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