Relooking shabby chic # 1

Today I am very happy to show you (finally) the shabby chic relooking of a Milanese apartment of which I have drawn up the project and followed the realization. I had already talked about it in this post ( A simulating project ) and on Instagram @lagattasultetto I had uploaded some pictures taken during the renovation work. After that, I moved to Nice and I never had the opportunity to see the finished apartment and photograph it. Until last December, when the landlady, Elisabetta, entrusted me with decorating a couple of furniture and relooking the balcony: an excellent opportunity to document my work. The apartment consists of an entrance hall, living room with kitchenette, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Together with Elisabetta, we chose the colors, the coverings, and the finishes, the furnishing accessories. Elizabeth prefers the Provencal and shabby chic style and, when we met to define the project, she expressed the desire to make her home warm, comfortable and welcoming, a nest that reflected her personality. The project involved few demolition and construction operations: we moved the bathroom door, demolished a part of the wall that divides the living room from the kitchenette and rounded off some corners. The most substantial work involved the bathroom and the electrical system. For decoration, I had two things: creating a harmonious whole and taking care of all the details. This is why we have chosen, in addition to white, only two other colors to paint the walls and furniture. Gilded mirrors and lamps with crystal drops give a refined touch, mitigated by the somewhat rustic decapé finishes. The most substantial work involved the bathroom and the electrical system.

Today I show you the entrance and the living room with a kitchenette.


The wall in front of the entrance door was painted pink (Max Meyer “milk and strawberries” color of the “white collection” line), while the remaining walls were painted with a slightly pinkish white (Max Meyer color “meringue”) “Of the” white collection “line). The access room to the living room has been finished with a wooden pickled plank on the lintel and the jambs have been rounded. The plinth has been replaced with an English-style skirting board painted with the “meringue” color. All the plates and buttons of the light points have been replaced with ivory-colored elements.

The liberty style chandelier comes from the store “Il papà di Lumi” in Milan.

Above the entrance is seen from the living room. The closet has been equipped with shelves and dividers to contain the objects in a rational and orderly way (all made to measure), then closed with pickled solid wood doors. Even the front door has been repainted with the same “meringue” color of the wall.


this room, small and cramped, was separated from the living room by a wall, and the access area was rather narrow. We decided to put it on view, leaving a comfortable wall and widening the entrance. At this point it was necessary to harmonize the kitchen with the living room, making the colors and materials uniform. For this reason, the tiles of the covering have been removed and the wall has been painted with water-repellent enamel in a “meringue” color. Even the kitchen doors have been painted in the “meringue” color. The corners of the pillar on the right were rounded and both the architrave and the low wall were finished with pickled wooden planks. For the tailor-made kitchen top, we have chosen “Rosa di Verona” marble. The refrigerator was repainted with a pink “chalkboard” paint.

The living room: this place has not undergone many changes. The walls and fixtures have been painted with the “meringue” color. Elisabetta bought the gilded mirror, the chandeliers and the furniture on eBay.

I am very satisfied with the result, and also Elisabetta: thanks to the common passion for the shabby chic and the Provençal style, we have managed to work in harmony and transform a substantially anonymous house into a bright and welcoming nest.

Soon I will show you the bathroom and the bedroom: get ready for the triumph of white!