Relooking shabby chic # 2

Good morning! Today I come back to tell you about the apartment shabby chic Relooking that you can see in the previous post Relooking shabby chic # 1 the results of my work at the entrance, living room and kitchenette.

In today’s post, you will see the bathroom, the room that has undergone the most consistent intervention, not just a simple relooking, but a full-scale renovation. After all, the bathroom usually involves radical renovations due to the cladding, sanitary ware and pipes: if we don’t like the tiles, or are damaged and obsolete, or if we want to shift the position of the sanitary ware and/or replace them, the demolition of the existent is a necessary step.

In this case, we moved the bathroom door completely to the right, to create a shower compartment, and we inserted a sliding door to gain space and functionality. We have created a storage room suspended above the shower and eliminated the electric boiler, then replaced with a gas boiler placed outside.

We removed the very ugly tiles, the floor, and the old bathroom fixtures. The bathroom project, and advice on how to do your project, along with the materials, sanitary ware and accessories you see in these images can be found here ( Restructuring the bathroom ).

Here I will limit myself to showing you the incredible change of this place. Meanwhile, without moving walls (only the door) and replacing the tub with the shower we have gained effective space: aiming then at light colors we have gained perceptive space. The result is a bright, spacious and functional bathroom, as well as elegant.

Finally, I took care of a factor that I believe is very important for the success of a renovation: the details. The perfection of the joints between one tile and another, the finishing of corners and joints, the straight lines. For this, it is necessary that there is a collaboration between the artisans, the designer, who must coordinate the various phases, provide a laying pattern for the coverings as precisely as possible and be ready to solve the problems that arise as the work progresses.

And what do you think? Do you like the new shabby chic bathroom? See you in the next episode with the bedroom. See you soon!