Shabby chic on friday: the bathroom and his majesty the tub

Good Friday! Today in the Shabby chic on Friday column we talk about the bathroom. Maybe it’s the most difficult room to transform, as our bathrooms are mostly covered with relatively recent tiles, maybe chic, but certainly not shabby! In fact, wanting to respect the rules imposed by this style, even the wall, and floor coverings must harmonize with the pieces of furniture, as we saw in the episode dedicated to this topic. Unless we have an old bathroom still equipped with the original upholstery and pieces, still working and in good condition, we must adapt and find solutions that harmonize with what we have available. If, on the other hand, we are in the process of being restructured, we can choose very simple white tiles or a coating of wooden beads, or we can simply paint with a glaze. The bathtubs were simple tubs in wood or copper that were transported directly into the room and filled with hot water with a great coming and going of pitchers: only with the widespread use of running water over the course of the nineteenth century did the tub become fixed furniture.

The first fixed tanks were still in copper and similar to tubs, later the cast-iron basins were affirmed, glazed inside and mounted on feet, in the Liberty period:

The images I selected today concern a very important and scenographic element: his majesty the tub.

I give you an appointment next week with a second episode dedicated to the bathroom.

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