The basket of inspirations: covering the bathroom with the Tadelakt

Happy Monday dear friends. I thank you for the many comments you leave with my posts: most of them are no longer connected to your emails, so it becomes difficult to answer directly as I have always done. Today for the column The basket of inspirations I would like to continue the speech I introduced last Friday about the bathroom wall.

Looking for an alternative to the classic tiles, I came across a fascinating material, the Tadelakt. What is it? It is a wall covering typical of the Moroccan tradition based on lime, pigments, black soap and waxes and has the characteristic of being waterproof and breathable, therefore suitable for damp environments. It is applied like plaster and subsequently smoothed, following a particular technique that in Morocco is handed down from father to son. It is used to cover walls, basins, showers, and masonry support surfaces, and forms a surface that is pleasant to the touch and has an irregular appearance, similar to glazing, with the advantage of being water repellent. You can choose your favorite color and finish, which can be glossy or matte. It is a natural material that matches perfectly with wood, stone, and terracotta and can be used in both rustic and modern environments.

The quality that fascinates me about this material is its versatility: every surface can be covered without interruption, from stairs to support surfaces, without joints and joints, creating harmonious and elegant environments.

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