Start this post doing outing: I love trays, I have a disproportionate amount and I have a full drawer {in addition to those scattered around the house}.

I use them every day and when I happen to share this passion on Instagram, I am often asked: “what do you use them for?”

Simply, for everything! So here is a list of 10 ways I use trays.

  1. TO SERVE: let’s start from the simplest and most obvious, serve at the table. I have one rather large on which I put glasses, cutlery, water jug, napkins, Leo’s bib and which I use daily to bring these things from the kitchen to the table.
  2. FOR BREAKFAST: when I have breakfast I prepare everything on the tray and then I sit down to eat. I do it also for children and guests: not dirty around with crumbs and the like and with a sponge blow it all comes back clean.
  3. TO REST THE KITCHEN WORKING TOOLS: I have a small metal tray near the burners, it is very useful to place ladles, spoons or various cutlery when I cook. So the worktop doesn’t get dirty!
  4. FOR STYLING: if I want to create a styling, a nice tray is a great starting point. It defines the space, creates contrast and helps define the mood of the styling.
  5. TO ORGANIZE THE SPACE IN THE REFRIGERATOR: yes, I use trays even in the fridge! Medium-sized trays help me to better define the space. Each tray contains a different type of food, so everything is close at hand, I just need to slide the tray to take what I need!
  6. TO ORGANIZE HERBS: the kitchen windowsill is the perfect space for growing herbs and aromas. I have several and to make everything easier to move and clean, I put them on a narrow and long tray.
  7. TO ORGANIZE BEAUTY PRODUCTS: the same thing I do also in the bathroom. I organize all the creams and products I use every day on a tray, so I remember to use them and I immediately see if it is necessary to buy them!
  8. TO DROP DIFFERENT OBJECTS: the opposite is also true when there are different objects to put together. A tray will make it look tidier and more organized!
  9. FOR CHILDREN’S GAMES: trays are very useful as a basis for children’s games. Aeneas builds us on top of the Legos, which he then moves easily and without leaving pieces anywhere. And they are very comfortable when using tempera colors, protecting the surface and easily washing {I use very large ones, there is just one sheet!}.
  10. TO DECORATE THE WALLS: there are trays so beautiful that it’s a shame to have them hidden in a drawer! Just a hook for dishes or a vintage tray holder and voila! And the beauty is that I can change whenever I want!

I hope I have given you some new ideas, let me know how and if you use the trays in your daily life!